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2 Sep ’11

El Palauet Living in Spain | Luxury Suites


No matter how well planned your vacation is, where you sleep could either ruin or take your experience to a whole new level. The people behind El Palauet Living  focused on a new trend, flats instead of the “last year” boutique hotels’ concept.  El Palauet Living is a group of flats that represent this new travel experience in Barcelona, Spain.



El Palauet Living consists of six suites constructed in a building dated back to 1906. Each suite is unique; no two are alike.

Since the building is over one hundred years old, there were many features that were kept and restored in the suites.  Features such as stained glass windows, distinctive ceilings (45 different ceilings to be exact),and hallway moldings were kept and combined with modern elements such as iconic trendy furniture by designers such as Eames, Saarinen, Van der Rohe and Starck, amongst others. Colors used were monochromatic emphasizing the beauty in the details of the historic finishes and focusing on the beautiful furniture.

Checking their website, you will notice how much El Palauet Living emphasize luxury and great service, hence they offer  guests a Personal Assistant to complete that sublime feeling of a holiday.

Check the photos below of their suites, spa, and outer terrace. You gotta love the luxury life!










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