The Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi | Hotel Design

Now synonymous with the Ferrari race track, there’s nothing quiet about Yas. This 6,000-acre island right off the coast of Abu Dhabi buzzes with a 143-berth marina and yacht club, a 3.4-mile Formula One racetrack, and now the new nine-story, nearly one-million-square-foot Yas Hotel, which opened in November, just in time for the first-annual Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. To keep pace with the island’s vibe, the hotel’s designers positioned its two buildings half on land, half on water, with the racetrack cutting through. Here, a look at the details, inside and out with plenty of photos.

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Patricia Urquiola | Designer of Elegance

A legend of Italian design, cultivated and elegant, with an extrovert Spanish temperament. This is the secret to Patricia Urquiola’s success. A designer who has given new meaning to living, classic and informal, intimate and versatile.

The entire interior of the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona is the work of Patricia Urquiola who is renowned for her gleeful, often multifunctional pieces for companies such as  B&B Italia , Moroso, Molteni &C, Alessi, Kettal, Emu, and many others.

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Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company

The Rug Company is internationally acclaimed for the high quality of its handmade rugs, wallhangings and cushions, and its unique collaborations with international design luminaries. The strongest names in fashion, art and design contribute to The Rug Company’s Designer Collection, including Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Marni, Diane von Furstenberg, Tom Dixon, BarberOsgerby, Eva Zeisel and Neisha Crosland. Their latest addition is the collection by Alexander McQueen finalized shortly before he passed away. After three years of design and production, McQueen’s hand-knotted series—four large rugs and two coordinating throw pillows—is considered the Rug Company’s most ambitious project to date reports W Magazine. For one rug, in a military brocade design, McQueen was inspired by a gold bullion–embroidered coat from his fall 2001 runway show; for another, he mined his iconic skull pattern in striking white and silver. The rug above is priced at $18,900.

Kelly Hoppen: Home with Style

Kelly Hoppen is one of the world’s most renowned interior designers. Her style is unique, elegant, minimal yet very comfortable and homey. Her work has been an inspiration to me ever since I started my work as an interior architect. The colors and design elements she uses are timeless. Her creativity allowed her to launch her own furniture and accessory line to enable her to create the vision she has for each space. This usually is a dilemma for many designers, not finding the suitable elements to create the final look they want to achieve. She, however, has solved this.  Her business Kelly Hoppen Interiors had a turnover of 18 million pounds last year. In addition to the retail part of her business, she runs the Kelly Hoppen Design school .

mirrored vase
Mirrored Vase- Kelly Hoppen Collection

This October(2010) she will be launching her new vintage line in Hong Kong, photos and information taken from Yoo. Yoo is a new vision to creating luxury property in collaboration with world top designers such as Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, and Kelly Hoppen.

October 2010 colection- Kelly Hoppen
October 2010 collection- Kelly Hoppen
October 2010 collection- Kelly Hoppen
hc oct2010
October 2010 collection- Kelly Hoppen
Apartment designed by Kelly Hoppen

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Creating your Space: First step

As an interior designer and a former advisor at Jackson Contracting, Inc, I keep getting questions and inquiries for tips to improve a space, especially from people around me or who I visit for the first time. In many cases it puts me in an awkward position, they would be asking me about their curtain fabric, while their issues are at a much larger scale. Their curtain would be the least of their problems.

People should understand the designing your space is not just choosing nice furniture or fabric, its working on the vibe of the area. if you have issues in your life it will reflect in the space you live or work in and vice versa, its just how the universe works. From personal experience as well as experience with my clients, you are the one who creates the energy around you.

When I speak about energy, some people give me the look, “yeah just tell me if the colors match”, but energy is in everything around us whether we like it or not. To simplify, “sound” is energy, we all learned that in physics at school, yet we don’t see it. That’s how everything else affects us.

What the Chinese have known for thousands of years, has only reached the Western World recently. The study of the effect energy has on our behavior and surroundings and the other way around. This study is known as Feng Shui. Feng Shui is no secret anymore, although 12 years ago when I first came across a Feng Shui book and read it, it was considered something very new and difficult to comprehend or explain. But through daily practices and numerous readings, I found that Feng Shui is actually more common sense than a complex study.


The first rule of applying any update to your space is starting with clutter clearance. What is clutter? Clutter is piled stuff you haven’t used in a long time, it is piles of paper on your desk, it’s old shoes that don’t fit anymore in your closet, its clothes you haven’t worn in  years, its old Christmas cards that fill up boxes and boxes, its a broken 1984 stereo that you will never use again, its old cassettes and vinyl record you will never listen to again, its stuff you think your children will appreciate when you leave for them in your inheritance , and the list goes on… No matter how you try to enhance your living area or office you will never feel the change unless you get rid of that clutter and deal with the actual issues behind holding on to them. I don’t want to sound as a “preacher”, but trust me, my mom will read this and laugh remembering our endless fights to clean my room and get rid of my piled up unwanted “stuff”. 10 years ago I read a book called “ Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston and which changed my life. Personally I like all that’s eccentric and “out of the box”, its why I was interested in Feng Shui when almost no one I knew had heard of it. I bought magazines and books and applied as much as I could from them.

For anyone aiming at change in his/her life I recommend that book.It is the first step to refresh your life and aim at new beginnings. It did that for me. After reading it, piles of unwanted clothes, magazines, bills, meaningless sketches, were all taken out of my room (I was still living at my parents’ at the time). Instantly I felt everything around me fall into place. Just like a breath of fresh air. It was amazing.

Who Clutters?

According to Kingston, who is specialized in teaching the art of “space clearing”, the person who has clutter is mainly someone who keeps things “just in case”, others have identity issues and hold on to things they identify with and feel secure around such as gifts, many hold on to items as “memories”, all of which negatively influence us and keep us from moving on. It is difficult getting rid of clutter, but once you begin and see results you will be amazed at the results, this works every time. Try it with one small room and feel the difference in  at least a certain area of your life. Here comes the idea of how clutter in certain areas of your space affects specific zones of your life.

The Bagua

The Bagua is simply a diagram used in Feng Shui to correspond to the different aspects of your life in relation with an area of your personal space. You see, the name is complex, but the application is so easy it becomes second nature. below is a a very simple Bagua I got from Feng Shui for Real Life. Its a rectangle divided into 9 squares, each square corresponds to an area in your house, or room. You can use it for the entire apartment or for one single room at a time.

The first thing you have to do is sketch the outer line of your apartment or room, divide the space in 9 equal parts, you might have missing areas , its ok, and that’s how you know what each area corresponds to. That’s how you can start knowing where your problem areas are. For example, if you are having money problems, you might find there is something wrong with the room which is at the top left part of your apartment, the problems could be clutter, broken mirror, burnt out lights etc.. Always place the bottom part of your diagram aligned with entrance of your space.


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Maison & Objet 2010: 10 years 10 designers

It’s that time of the year again, tomorrow Maison & Objet 2010 officially kicks off in Paris, France. The exhibition featuring the best brands of furniture, home decoration, and accessories starts tomorrow September 3rd till September 7th,2010. This year for the exhibition’s 10th anniversary the featured designer is the well known Philippe Starck who is the creator of the year 2010, 10 years after his first nomination. The showcase will feature 10 talents for 10 different designers who will be the generation of the next 10 years.

A 5 minute video interview with Starck himself explains it all.

For those who are visiting, hope you enjoy it.

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