“Rooftopping” by Tom Ryaboi | Photography




Tom Ryaboi is a photographer from Toronto, Canada, has become famous especially for his “rooftopping” photography and adrenaline rush causing images of city views from the tops of buildings and skyscrapers.


20111023000645_adventure at every corner

“For me, photography will always be closely tied to travelling. I like to travel, see the world, where I hope to learn something, grow, and maybe leave something behind. Naturally, somewhere along the line, i wanted to capture some of these moments. The camera allowed me to capture beautiful places, interesting people, and sometimes even myself.”






20110716170836_the fugitive_3



Info and images: Tom Ryaboi

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  1. As someone who is scared of heights but also enjoys rock climbing (go figure how would those go together?!) I find these photos really exhilarating, such a beautiful way to look at the world!

    1. Wow afraid of heights and rock-climb? 😀 Looking at the photos I did feel a rush, I found the idea new, relying on the feelings they bring out rather than on photography techniques and filters.

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