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27 Jul ’12

Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

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Want to eat fashionably? Well Louis Vuitton obsessed people can now “admire” this waffle maker designed by Los Angeles based artist Andrew Lewicki as a piece of art, a sculpture.

This time, fashionistas who are already dreaming of soft, yummy, branded waffles in the morning will have to wait, as this branded waffle maker is not for sale.

24 Jun ’12

Beirut Design Week 2012 | June 25-30

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The MENA Design Research Center is organizing the first Beirut Design Week.

Beirut Design Week -unlike fairs and exhibitions- is a whole week dedicated to exploring all
aspects of local design and design thinking throughout Beirut. As an annual event, participating
designers will showcase their work by opening up their shops and showrooms till later hours
in the evening and host small events. During Beirut Design Week, a series of conferences,
exhibitions, talks, workshops, and film screenings will also take place in various parts of the
city simultaneously.

Beirut Design Week 2012 is dedicated to promoting all Lebanese designers, who have
been playing a vital role in the formation of the city’s contemporary design identity and culture.
These include fashion designers, product designers, furniture designers, communication
designers, interior designers, architects, design educators, design thinkers, social designers,
design researchers, publishers, and galleries.

Beirut Design Week headquarters is the Ministry of Tourism in Hamra. There you can find
the catalogue and ask for any information about events and places. It is also where the main
DESMEEM, will be held.

The DESMEEM EXHIBITION is open everyday at the Ministry of Tourism from the 25th till 30th
from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm.

For a PDF file of the schedule and details for the entire event including the map, please click here.


11 Sep ’11

Have A Great Day | Music And Art Combined

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Just thought I’d share this lovely video with you, Have a great day…

11 Jul ’11

See you next week…

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This blog will take a short break , I will be back hopefully with news and photos from lovely Italy!  See you next week!! Smile Need anything from Italy??

12 May ’11

3D Graffiti by Peeta | Art

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I’ve been interested in graffiti art lately trying to incorporate it into certain spaces and designs because of  its authentic street character. It feels so real. This is the first time however that I come across the work of the talented Peeta, who mastered the art of 3D graffiti by learning from those around him during his years in Italy. His art is become pretty popular and has begun to emerge in Mexico, the U.S, and Canada in addition to numerous countries around Europe. He also has a lot of his art done on canvases and are for sale.


16 Feb ’11

Roses Bloom in New York | Event

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Spring will arrive early to New York this year. In an attempt to transform Park Avenue into a fanciful garden, Will Ryman creates 38 sculptures of rose blossoms towering as high as 25 feet, complimented by 20 individual scattered rose petals, to be installed along Park Avenue from January 25 through May 31, 2011.

Reflecting Ryman’s flair for the dramatic and absurdly wonderful, roses painted in shades of pink and red will spring up in vibrant contrast to the traditionally bleaker winter months preceding spring in the artist’s large-scale love letter to New York City.


14 Jan ’11

Famous People Portraits by Ljosha | Art

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Alexey (Ljosha) Kurbatov is a Moscow-based graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and artist with a unique style. I came across his work on The Cool Hunter and loved it. Something about the quality of the lines, the colors, the classiness in his portraits just caught my attention.



29 Aug ’10

The Siesta and its essentials

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“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything about it.”           M. Scott Peck

What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einsten, Thomas Edison, Margaret Thatcher, & Bill Clinton have in common aside from being well known, powerful, and smart people? They are famous nappers. The nap in itself is a habit many people master  naturally, some thrive to have the priviledge, and others just believe its a waste of time.

The famous nappers I mentioned earlier all had little time to sleep at night but believed in several short naps during the day to rejuvenate their brain and creativity. This has been proven over and over in numerous recent researches. The recent addiction to technology and social media is a faster way to reveal our lifestyle flaws yet we never do anything about it. I speak from personal experience, as I am getting more and more attached to the current popular devices my shut eye time is diminishing, I am sure I will soon start seeing the consequences if I don’t start taking “me” time.

A short afternoon catnap of 20 minutes  enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills. To boost alertness on waking, you can drink a cup of coffee before you nap. Caffeine requires 20 or 30 minutes to take effect, so it will kick in just as you’re waking. Limit your nap time to 45 minutes maximum.

The art of napping takes practice. You have to learn to switch off from concerns, demands, and stresses of daily life for a short period.

There are many aids for napping such as herbs, mainly Lavender , chamomile, geranium, jasmine, & ylang ylang which have calming effects among others. You can apply their use  through aromatherapy oils. You can find oil burners at shops such as The Body Shop and get these soothing oils. Using these oils is part of my daily ritual, I realized when I was living in Lebanon, that friends who came over kept complimenting me for the relaxing atmosphere in my house. In addition to my hospitality *blushing* I knew the oils were a big part of that reputation.

The colors used in the room where you nap are very important. You can’t have a red bedroom and expect to wake up in a relaxed condition. Over time you will realize something is wrong. Chromotherapy is an ancient science as well. The colors to use while napping are: Rose for tranquility, Blue for relaxation, Green for renewal, Lilac for equilibrium.

Sleep Box

Researchers are realizing the importance of the “siesta”, hence the new concept most of received in our emails. The sleep box is an office workstation and resting pod designed for public places like train stations, airports and bus terminals. These small pods are rental units that provide travelers peace and quite as well as a place to work.Currently, there is construction of these units in the Dubai airport with hopefully more places to follow.

Buenos Aires 20 min Siesta Company - Preparations for a Nap

In Buenos Aires, city residents are fighting work-related stress with a 20-minute nap at the center. Employees at Siestario tailor to each client the music, aroma and colors that would be most conducive to sleep. (Photo taken from Reuters)


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