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To support women entrepreneurs, a program known as HADAFI (meaning: my goal in Arabic) was created back in 2013. It emerged from Saudi Arabia and is designed to support passionate women from all over the region.

If you are a woman or know one who has an idea or a passion and you wish to develop it further into a business, then this free program is for you! You can register now for free.

Whether it is a new innovative idea or an established business that is less than two years old, Hadafi will train and support participants in various entrepreneurial disciplines, and help them develop and implement a business plan.

Over the past 2 years the program has expanded into the MENA region and gained massive attraction. Hadafi is now launching season 5.

With Hadafi, it is not just about presenting your idea, the aim of the program is providing women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, insight, and skills they need to succeed.

The program’s strategic partner in Kuwait is the Ministry of Youth. Hadafi’s community partners are Gulf University for Science and Technology, Manpower & Government Restructuring Program,  Embassy of the United States in Kuwait , Kuwait Public Relations Association, City Pages, Kuwait Today, NIU,  Business and Professional Women Council.

The Awards are as follows:

Hadafi will put at the disposal of talented women a range of startup tools, exposure, prizes and financial support.

To get an idea of Hadafi’s previous season, you can watch the video below:



Season 4 top three winners

To register or for more info, check the Hadafi website.


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