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7 Apr ’14

A Modern Apartment in Turin | Interiors

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Many projects are characterized by their simplicity and unusual approach to use of materials and furnishing. This apartment which is only 150sq.m overlooks the square that symbolizes the city of Turin, Piazza San Carlo. This apartment was built on the mezzanine level which makes it almost part of the famous square. It was designed by Andrea Marcante & Adelaide Testa. This apartment is already listed in the Canary Wharf Apartments and is looking for a quality tenant to occupy.


Apartment-Turin-Italy 2

The building plan, characterized by a tunnel-shaped progression from the rear to the drawing room facing the square, the windows opening onto the square itself with their given shape and size of the “oculus” on the building facades marking the perimeter, and the need to set out the relational spaces in the living quarters as zones and premises that (to a greater or lesser degree) can be seen from outside, provide the initial input for the construction of a vaguely metaphysical home environment.

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Restoration of an apartment in Turin – Italy -150 sqm

Project by Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa _UdA ARCHITECTS
Collaborators: Giada Mazzero, Eirini Giannakopoulou
Photos by: Carola Ripamonti

For details on concept & furniture visit the designers’ website.

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