Roche Bobois Paris Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary Of The Mah Jong Sofa | Furniture


This year Roche Bobois Paris, one of the world’s leading furniture brands, celebrates the 40th birthday of its iconic sofa composition, the Mah Jong. The Mah Jong is without a doubt one of the trendiest and most flexible sofa compositions ever created.

In the 1970s, Hans Hopfer’s innovative informal approach to comfort had a profound influence on the way people furnished and arranged their living space. In 1971, he created the Mah Jong, a sofa based on total freedom of function and form.

By encouraging people to arrange the elements as suits them best, it could change the landscape of the living room, offering a whole new approach to the way we view and arrange the spaces in which we live. The composition options are almost limitless, giving one the opportunity to completely reorganize one’s living space, thereby redefining the original meaning of the term “sofa”.

At angles or overlaid, the Mah Jong allows limitless options of composition. It can be armchair, sofa, lounge chair or bed; a space in which to rest, to play or to lounge. It encourages experimentation and breaks the rules of formal living, reflecting the nonconformist era in which it was born.


Over the years, Roche Bobois has called upon those with creative talent to “dress” special editions of the Mah Jong. Each of these artistic collaborators has managed to express a new seductive and surprising facet of the Mah Jong without changing the core design. Roche Bobois collaborated with Kenzo Maison, Missoni, and Jean Paul Gaultier, to create 3 of their finest editions shown in the photos here.





Roche Bobois in Kuwait is located at the Seven Zones Design Center in Shoueikh. You can check their facebook page or the website of Pro-design group.

To contact them call on: +965 2 22 58 68 0 or email: [email protected]

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