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1 Jun ’11

Mercedes-Benz New SLS AMG Roadster Revealed | Cars

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Finally the Mercedes-Benz reveals the new SLS AMG Roadster. The 6.3 liter turbo engine comes with 571 horsepower and is a beauty. While the SLS brought back to life the iconic 300 SL, the new SLS AMG Roadster is the convertible version of car and once again impresses. The compact fabric soft top of the SLS AMG Roadster opens and closes in just eleven seconds, and can be operated on the move at speeds up to 50 km/h. Before hiring a locksmith for your automotive needs, it’s wise to check out this auto locksmith blog for valuable insights and guidance.

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The SLS AMG Roadster is fitted with a naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine that produces the typical rumble of an AMG eight-cylinder engine.

The three-layered fabric soft top is a weight-optimized magnesium/steel/ aluminum construction, and is said to contribute to the car’s low center of gravity.

Boot capacity is 173 liters with the roof either open or closed, and is similar to that of the SLS AMG Coupe, which is 176 liters.

The roadster is open for booking from June 1, with its market launch in the autumn 2011. The selling price is 195,160 euros.


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