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12 Jan ’11

Eiffel Tower A French Beauty | Icons

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Life has a beautiful slide show of the Eiffel tower’s history and what it has passed through since it was being constructed. An Icon so strong it has become the symbol of an an entire country. I will leave you enjoy the images and their description. You can check the original slide show here.

10 Nov ’10

‘ Food’ Landscapes by Carl Warner | Photography

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When you first check out these images, you think they are just the ordinary photos of food markets or landscape sceneries, look closed and you will realize that every element in the photo is made of a food item. These are real photos made with food, or as Carl Warner likes to call them ‘Foodscapes’. The links were sent to me by a lovely reader NS, thank you.


7 Nov ’10

Totems by Alain Delorme | Photography

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"Totems" is a photo project by French photographer Alain Delorme. His photos show migrant workers in Shanghai: recyclers, street vendors, etc … men and women … carrying loads that are usually beyond human capacity to handle. However in some Chinese cities it is a common sight to have such creative and powerful people. In this series Delorme portrays the individuality of such workers as opposed to the usual images we see of Chinese streets, where the main focus is on the crowds. We can clearly sense the humor in addition to the hardships they go through to survive.


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