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6 Sep ’10

The 10 Best of … Pens

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

Joan Didion  (American Journalist and Novelist, b.1934)

No Matter how much we rely on our computers, IPads, mobiles etc.. there is a certain charm for handwritten notes and articles. Among my favorite accessories are pens. I can never write with an ugly pen or use one that deforms my handwriting, this is a sensitive subject to me. And as a designer, I use my pens to sketch and communicate my ideas and designs. This is why it is important to me.

I have compiled a series of photos for some of the best designed pens that are also from well known companies. The first brand, which happens to be my favorite as well, is MontBlanc.

Montblanc is well known for its limited editions. Pen collectors and admirers look forward to their upcoming tribute whether for a writer, a patron of art, or a theme, and Montblanc have truly mastered it. In 2010, according to Pen World, the readers’ choice award for “best tribute” was for Mont Blanc’s “tribute to Thomas Jefferson” pen.

Among their vast collection lies the   limited edition  Mahatma Gandhi  pen launched specifically for the 140th anniversary of his birth. This has to be my favorite. The details and design are just amazing.

Montblanc- Tribute to Gandhi 140yrs

The latest addition to the Patron of Art tribute, Montblanc launched recently The Elizabeth I Limited edition.

The Elizabeth I Limited Edition 888 is a 750 solid gold fountain pen featuring a barrel and cap in precious lacquer.

Hand engraved on its 18 K gold nib is a bejeweled gold crown in which Elizabeth I ascended the throne in 1559.

Topping the cap is the Montblanc emblem rendered in shimmering mother-of-pearl.

The clip descends from a solid gold Tudor Rose while its embellishment, a princess cut green garnet reflects the bejeweled crown.

Montblanc- Tribute to Elizabeth I

Other amazing designs are the Mark Twain pen, The Lorenzo De Medici, and The Louis XIV shown below.

Mont Blanc- Tribute to Mark Twain, Lorenzo De Medici, Louis XIV


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