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4 Mar ’15

Did You Know Your Kitchen Counter Could Be Making You Sick? | Health

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It is common practice to recommend Granite for kitchen counter tops during a New Look Kitchen Renovation. Why? because it is natural, durable, resists heat and scratches. What I recently discovered through several studies online, is that Granite emits Radon, a naturally-occurring radioactive gas usually found in soil and rocks. As trace uranium in soil and rock decays, it emits radon, which is a leading cause of lung cancer.

According to the Environmental Compliance Handbook (Jacob I. Bregman and Robert D. Bell), a person exposed to radon levels measured at 4 pCi/L  or higher has the same risk of  developing lung cancer as a person who smokes five cigarettes per day.


11 Apr ’13

Luxurious Kitchens By Fendi Casa | Kitchen Design


You can’t but notice how Far Fendi Casa have come in the past few years in terms of their home line. The quality and exotic materials used keep amazing us with every new collection. Their sofas, exquisite chandeliers, well crafted rugs and accessories, all made with un familiar yet luxurious materials. The finishing is also impeccable. Recently Fendi launched a kitchen line which resembles no other. the detailing and designs are just out of the ordinary. Their access to their furniture line to complement the kitchen just gives their concept that unique image: LUXURY. Notice in the below images the harmony and craftsmanship of their cucinas.


7 Apr ’12

Smart Kitchen With Integrated Samsung Galaxy Tab | Kitchen Design


Tonelli will be introducing this smart Prisma Kitchen at Eurocucina 2012. They worked with Experientia, an experience design consultancy, to create an amazingly technologically advanced, user friendly kitchen. The “smart” lies in the kitchen’s island. The island’s surface is  equipped with a sliding cutting board and built in Samsung Galaxy Tablet technology for a fully interactive and engaging kitchen experience. Other exciting features include innovative door open/close mechanisms, invisible handles, transparent top with base illumination. All these elements work together to give this kitchen an ultra modern almost futuristic feel, but cleverly wrapped in a timeless design.


28 Oct ’11

Karim Rashid Designs An Origami Kitchen | Interiors


Karim Rashid designed a new unusual kitchen island concept inspired by the oriental art of folding paper. The shape is sculptural and looks like its just there for display. But since it is made entirely of DuPont Corian, it is functional as well. It manufactured by the Egyptian producer Amr Helmy.

Its base can expand into a large worktop, which is divided into three zones: the cleaning area with an integrated sink, the cooking zone, and a snack area. Moreover, the island comes with a large wall cabinet with plenty of storage space.

Gotta love it …


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