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7 May ’13

Beautiful Illustrations by Mads Berg | Graphic Design

I came across these lovely vibrant illustrations by Mads Berg, a Danish illustrator who is specialized In posters and brand illustrations.


30 Jul ’12

Lovely Geometric Illustrations For The Olympics 2012 | Art


For this year's London Olympics, Chris Tsevis, a Greece-based visual designer, created illustrations for three different sports as part of Yahoo's coverage of this great event. The sports covered in these images were for diving, gymnastics, and running.

Loved the vibrant colors and geometric interpretation of movement which is generally interpreted in more fluid forms. Lovely work!

9 Jan ’12

Paris Versus New York : A Tally Of Two Cities | Visual Arts


Vahram Muratyan is a talented Parisian art director and a graphic designer living between Paris and New York. He has created a beautiful online series of charming illustrations focusing in a friendly and humorous manner the differences between New York and Paris.

His book "Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities" features 105 of his illustrations, 60 of which have never been published before. I loved the Carrie Bradshaw vs. Amelie illustration, actually the ones I posted here are my favorites. Which ones did you like?




10 Sep ’11

Geometric Illustrations Of Superheroes by Liam Brazier | Art


Liam Brazier is an illustrator and animator who has been creating illustrations of popular characters using geometric lines. He was noticed at first for the Star Wars illustrations and now presented the superheroes in the same manner but with much more vibrant colors. On his blog he explains part of the process of creating them. I actually loved them as huge pieces of art to be used in any room, the colors

Liam has had illustration and animation work displayed in and at the Dazed & Confused, Creative Review, Design Week, Glastonbury, the Museum of London, London tube platforms, international film festivals & Virgin TV.




2 May ’11

Gabriel Moreno Illustrations | Art

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This artist knows what he’s doing, Gabriel Moreno has an exclusive style that has caught international attention. His work has covered various projects such as campaigns, product advertising, and magazine covers. Scroll down to see some of his magnificent work taken from his website.





3 Dec ’10

Contemporary Illustrations by NEO | Graphic Design

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Florian Nicolle Known as Neo is a graphic designer with a special style you can not go past without noticing. Her illustrations are filled with splattered paintbrushes and unfinished faces, indicating  her sense of “when to stop”. This unfinished style is enough to allow your imagination to take over.


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