Happy 2014


2013 has been an awkward year full of great achievements, failures, happy moments, and sorrows. I do believe that at the end of every year when we look back we feel awed at what we and the world went through. No matter what the circumstances have been, it is critical to look forward to the next year. 2013 was a year we learned from, a year where we cried, laughed, made mistakes, became wiser, did great things, made someone happy, and hopefully grew more compassionate towards a world that needs everyone of us so badly.
To a better 2014 full of peace & love because no matter what, if we don’t have hope & love left, the world would not survive. Have faith, wishing you an amazing year ahead!

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From A Designer’s Journal: To A New Year, To 2012, And What I learned from 2011…


I am not the type of person who would write goodbyes or go all dramatic at anything. 2011 was a great year on many levels and as every year passes I try to learn and appreciate whatever I encountered whether good or less good. Many won’t agree that 2011 was actually good , it’s true to some extent if you want to count the natural disasters, the unnatural uprisings, the political surprises, the fall of regimes, the rise of others,and most of all people’s fear of the upcoming. This end of the year seems be the most perplexing in the new age so far, especially that nothing is hidden anymore, every slap is going viral, those who were once ruling the unfairly are now somehow losing control, with their secrets out in the public almost instantly.

On a personal note, this year I learned to appreciate the little things in life, thank God I didn’t go through any traumatic experience to reach that point, I just learned to contemplate and enjoy the blessings, I am guessing this comes along as we mature and grow.

In 2011 I met people from all walks of life, many were face to face contacts and others through social media. Twitter was my best companion on most of my days, I met new people almost daily, interacted with persons from different backgrounds and beliefs, learned from them and taught them as well. I was able to aid many who requested my help, and received help whenever I needed and almost instantly. In 2011 I grew fond of Instagram and realized how much I loved photography, I never knew sharing experiences through live photos would be so amusing and eye opening. On a personal level I was able to bond with my family more, I learned to organize my time in a manner where I can take care of myself, my family, and my career all at a comfortable pace and guilt-free, any mom would know how difficult that is to achieve! In 2011 I learned to see only the good in people, and always wake up with a smile because the day will smile back at me when I do. In 2011 I learned that I should take care of my health and teach everyone I know to do the same. I learned to accept new information and pass it on at every chance. In 2011 I learned that being fair relieves your conscience every time. In 2011 I practiced being in other people’s shoes at every situation, it makes accepting daily hassles much easier. In 2011 I learned that being honest is always the best policy, and that being professional with my clients does not mean we can not be good friends, on the contrary, it raises a sense of trust and reliability which gives me more reasons to be creative and design responsibly respecting their concerns and expectations.

In 2011 I am grateful for the success of my blog which allowed me to share all the beautiful things I come across or experience, this in turn created an opportunity to spread beauty as much as possible and train our eyes to  good proportions and understand the importance of good design in shaping our thoughts and lives.

In 2011, I am grateful for you, the readers, for interacting and enjoying the posts, I look forward to a more wonderful 2012 and nothing less. Hopefully with God’s blessings, our hard work, and persistence, we can get through another great year, thank you again, and have a great and beautiful 2012!

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A Toast to You , Happy New Year !!

It’s that time of the year where most of us look back and evaluate our actions, reactions, and whether we could have done any better given the circumstances. I look back to remember if anything significant happened and its tough because every event was part of a sequence, part of a series of mini events that seemed only natural at the time. Many of which I would not have ever anticipated of when the year started.

This is the reason we all check out our horoscopes at the beginning of each year in search of what may happen. Most of us don’t keep a log of the “events to take place” and we barely remember if any of them were true, yet we still read them. Its part of human nature I guess to look for hope everywhere. This hope is the fuel for the engine that keeps us striving and living for tomorrow.

I do not usually keep any resolutions, but I know I want to be better in every way, everyday. I look back and see what I have achieved then directly look forward and move on. During 2010 I started this blog and I love it more and more everyday. The ability to share information, to get feedback, to engage with everyone around me, and most importantly make friends from all over the world is a gem. Through this blog and twitter I have managed to enter a world I would have never dreamed of entering. Whoever criticizes social media negatively, is probably doing it all wrong.

I am glad to have met you, during the coming year I plan on enlarging my circle of friends and getting to know you better. There is nothing better than learning from others and yet teaching and sharing what you acquire.

I look forward to 2011, as I look forward to the course of every year. I look forward to getting to know you more and sharing more.

I am blessed to have this space to wish you a safe year, that’s all you need from anyone, the rest is up to you and how you turn each day to your advantage.


Happy 2011!

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