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21 Oct ’13

A Magnificent $36,000,000 Beverly Hills Luxury Property | Residential Design


This luxurious and breathtaking property can’t be described other than a ‘DREAM HOME’. The location, the vast area, and the beautiful design make it a $36,000,000 property. A well-designed residence taking into consideration every possible detail, this is a magnificent place to check out.  Most of the furniture used inside are from B&B Italia and Minotti, Suspended lighting is mainly by Moooi & Bocci, most bathroom fixtures are by Antonio Lupi I think.  1201 Laurel Way is located in  Beverly Hills and  developed by Richard Papalian and designed by Michael Palumbo in collaboration with architect Marc Whipple.  This property has 6 bedrooms and around 10 bathrooms.


29 Dec ’11

Dream Home On A Volcanic Island | Residential Design


One of the reasons I fell in love with this house is not just the bold design and the wonderfully hidden spaces that can be utilized while overlooking the breathtaking island, it’s the fact that there is a story behind the construction of this house which lasted almost a decade. According to the NYTimes,  Pedro Correia and his wife, Graça who live on the largest of nine volcanic islands in the Azorean archipelago. They decided after the family started growing to build their 3,767-square-foot dream house and commissioned their architect friend Bernardo Rodrigues  founder of Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto in Porto, Portugal.



The project was slowed by both a lengthy delay in receiving materials from Lisbon and the paucity of skilled laborers on the island. It took one year to build and assemble the steel framing for the doors and windows, and another two years to pour concrete and install flooring and finishes in the home. The exterior walls were painted Siena red and pewter. Inside, the walls were given hues of either chestnut brown or olive green. The total cost of construction was just over $500,000. Mr. Correia and wife and two daughters, Maria, 13, and MaFalda, 9, moved into the three-bedroom, two story home in early 2010.

Mrs. Correia said their dream home was more challenging and expensive than they had expected. But as she put it, “that’s the price you pay to have the best home.”

Check the beautiful photos of this project below.




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