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27 Jun ’11

Barovier & Toso Murano Chandeliers | From the Past into the Present

Back in 1291, famous venetian glassmakers were forced to move to Murano, an island in Northern Italy. Hence it became famous for all its glass art and especially chandeliers. This is why you keep hearing people referring to high end glass as “Murano” glass.Among the very few families who were linked to glassmaking were Barovier & Toso, still considered among the top names in fine Murano glass lighting. Barovier & Toso have been in the market for hundreds of years with designs and collections ranging from the classic to the contemporary with their main focus on quality, trendy designs, and beautiful colors. Their services of allowing custom designs with endless shapes have linked them to the top names in hospitality and fashion houses designing exclusive pieces for their clients. They provide solutions to both commercial and residential projects. I included in this post a nice selection from their designs, hope you like them.





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