Well it is summer season already, not only do we not have time to cook, as most of us are vacationing, we need to eat something light, healthy, easy to make, and most probably have its ingredients lying in our kitchen anyway.

This linguine is one of my favorites it literally takes 10 minutes to prepare and that’s just due to the time cooking the pasta takes.


You will need:

1 packet of Linguine, I use whole wheat

1 TBS extra virgin olive oil

200 grams of light halloumi, you could use regular, I just like mine lighter

a handful of pine nuts

Fresh basil leaves

Boiling water for the linguine



Well I don’t really think I should be putting directions but here it goes. Boil the linguine in salted water until “al dente”, and please don’t break the pasta, it’s just wrong.



Get a skillet, let it heat first then add the olive oil, this allows the food to absorb less of the fat, then add the chopped halloumi, then the pine nuts and finally the fresh basil leaves. I keep a basil plant at home and always use it for salads and pastas, its an amazing herb.




Mix them all together, add some fresh pepper, grate some parmesan if you want, and enjoy, trust me you will love it and your body will be thankful.

Cheers to healthy eating !

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